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Mediation is a voluntary process in which a trained mediator acts as a neutral third party in order to foster communication between you and your spouse so that the two of you can create a settlement agreement that suits the best interests of your family.

Mediation is generally a more economical, efficient, and quicker resolution to your divorce and typically works toward developing a healthier relationship between you and your spouse as you move forward.

Collaboration falls between mediation and a fully adversarial litigated divorce. The major difference between mediation and collaborative divorce is that in a collaborative case you are represented by an attorney throughout the negotiations.

Contrary to a litigated divorce, the parties and their individual attorneys sign an agreement committing themselves to resolving their divorce by negotiated agreement, without resorting to costly court proceedings.

A collaborative divorce often includes professionals, such as divorce coaches from other disciplines on the team. Divorce coaches and financial experts are common collaborative team members.

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“Trish mediated my divorce for my former husband and I. She always acted professionally and neither of us felt like she sided with the other. We have young children and she helped us keep them at the forefront of our conversations and negotiations. By the end of the process, we both felt comfortable signing the final agreement.”


“Trish provided practical guidance that I very much needed during my divorce process. It was an emotional time for me, but from our very first meeting, I always felt comfortable with Trish.”

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